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Article: Purpose and Platforms

Now many get confused about this topic of purpose. Many find it hard to know what their purpose is for life, which sometimes causes them to stumble into wrong activities in which their lives gets complicated as a result of and this makes them live without absolute satisfaction and fulfillment. In your pursuit of purpose you draw your utmost fulfillment and satisfaction.

Okay, let’s not run too fast…shall we define these two terms: Purpose and Platforms

1. Purpose: Purpose is simply the reason behind the existence of something or the aim by which it was created or produced at the first place.

2. Platform: Platform on the other hand is literally a raised structure on which performers showcase themselves so that they can be seen. But the platform in this context are avenues or methods through with people live out their purpose

God does not aimlessly do things, if He allows something to happen or causes something to happen then that stuff do not have the capacity to be fruitless to Him or to us. I want you to agree with me that any man or anything created by God or allowed by God to exist has a purpose, so do man(males and females)

One day in the garden of Eden,God conceived a plan, an idea, He knew that for a plan to be fulfilled then there is got to strategies that should be put in play in order to materialize His plan.

His plan was to extend His lordship and rulership to earth, so that Heaven will not only display His majestic kingdom. His plan was to rule directly in Heaven and rule through us on earth. Because of this course He made man, that was why we were made in His image and after His likeness so we have a legal warrant to represent Him on earth.

So you see the purpose of every man on Earth is to advance the Kingdom of the one who created them on earth.

This is the general purpose of every man breathing on earth.

Platforms are avenues or methods through which we fulfill our real purpose

Singing, writing, dancing, acting, business, politics, education, media, ministry etc. are platforms from and through which we fulfill our purpose(which is to spread or advance the kingdom of God on earth)

The Platforms are for the purpose, focus more the Purpose.

God bless you.

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