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Oasis Devotional By Chris Johnvian (PDF – June Edition)

Chris Johnvian announces the release of OASIS DEVOTIONAL, a daily journey through God’s Word, His promises and experiences worthy enough to launch you into a deeper walk with God.

This daily devotional being the June edition is one of God’s channel in conveying His mind to you.

Grasp the Words as they are filled with light, partake in the affirmations and develop a study life by embracing the study scriptures for every word you receive.

Enjoy our elite features of joining the prayer movement or our online prayer and bible study forum.

This is God’s Word dwelling in you and with you every single day of your life.

We hope to see light shine your path as you read this devotional. God bless you!

Chris Johnvian
founder – OD

Download Oasis Devotional (PDP–June Edition) here

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