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News: The Woman Used By Pastors To Perform Fake Miracles Have Been Caught By The Police

A 44-year-elderly person, Mrs. Bose Olasukanmi who was the woman used by some Pastors to perform miracles and wonders which are fake have been captured by agents of the Inspector General of police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Lagos after quite a while of trailing on her by the secret agents.

She used to migrate to another congregation after she has been paid for each miracle she was used to perform. She migrates with the goal that their trick would not be uncovered by individuals or relations who may see her during her performance.

Because of that her family members could not try to contact her to see if she is the Olasukanmi they know or someone who takes after her. Her first miracle performance was at a Church in Lagos followed by a congregation in Port Harcourt and the congregation in Abakaliki before the real truth was let out in the open.

When she enters the stage, she act as if her right arm had been hanging and all medical endeavors to mend her in both standard and local medical hospital demonstrated fruitless until one of her friends, who is a member from the congregation encouraged her to attempt the service or vigil.

Afterwards, The Pastor that want to do the miracle would come to the stage and show as though the Holy Spirit had entered him.

Subsequent to talking in tongues for certain minutes, he would then ask the lady to come near him while the assembly would be quiet restlessly standing by to see what will happen to the right arm that have been hanging.

The Pastor will ask the lady, have you been born again? Are you ready to be healed? If the woman answers in the negative, he at that point drove her to Christ in prayer and speaking in tongue. He would then request the devil that bowed her arm to leave her and be burnt by fire. As he is requesting the evil spirit to leave, the hanging broken right arm will be returning step by step to its structure until it is totally extended down and normal and he would request that the assembly praise the God. While the members are praising with the God, one of the Pastor’s man whose job is to remove the lady, would show up and carry her away.

“This miraculous performance would make the assembly to increase in the following day as the individuals who saw the fake miracle would get out and spread the news when they return home”, the police said.

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