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“God asked me to do away with jewelries” Says the christain Billionaire, Pastor Folorunsho Alakija

Christian billionaire and Africa’s richest woman Folorunsho Alakija has made a revelation on why she stopped wearing Jewelries.

The billionaire, Alakija who also doubles as the Founder of Rose of Sharon Group said it took ten days for God to stop her from using jewelries.

While preaching in a Lagos church on Sunday, she talked about how she used to love jewelries and had different pieces of them to match her outfits, until she had the turning point experience.

According to Church Times, Folorunsho Alakija reveals, “I used to love jewelries. I had all kinds and the jewelries had to match every cloth I wore. In those days I used to tell God not to take jewelries from me.

“If anybody had come to me and told me not to wear jewelries, I would not have listened to the person. I would have wondered where that person is coming from. But by the time God started dealing with me on it, I had no option but to do away with it.”

The clergywoman further said;

“That night I just suddenly found I was bleeding from my ear lobe. I did not sleep with earrings that night so I wondered what could have caused the bleeding.

“My ear lobe became sticky. When soap touched it while I was having my bath, it was hurting.”

Mrs Alakija also narrated how her younger sister reached out to her and said she dreamt that her earlobe had cut.

“That dream was almost becoming a reality. At a particular time when we were praying, a nephew of mine asked if I put lipstick on my earlobe because it had become red.

“The experience was not funny. But to cut a long story short, it took ten days for God to deal with me. Finally, I gave it up. Now I am free,” she concluded.

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