5 Reasons To Start Playing Golf Regularly

Are you looking to pick up a new hobby or sport? Are you looking to add a little fun, relaxation, and physical activity to your routine? If so, you may want to look into all the great benefits golfing can offer. It’s a classic sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all skill levels. And with so many incredible and world-class golf courses to be found across the country, it could even spark a travel bug in you, leading to you checking out these famed courses in person. If you’re not yet convinced that golf is for you, let’s take a look at five reasons to start playing golf regularly.

Golf Is an Excellent Workout

When you think about golf, you may not think about it as a workout, but that’s exactly the case. It’s a non-traditional workout, which can make it more enticing. In fact, golf is seen as a full-body workout that isn’t the case for every exercise. You’ll be using a large variety of muscles, there will be walking involved, which is a good form of cardio and even lifting.

Golf is Accessible for All Ages and Fitness Levels

Not every exercise is suited to all ages and fitness levels. Some can be a bit dangerous to do depending on your physical health. That isn’t the case with golf. Because this is a solo sport where you will take things at your own speed and comfort level, anyone can enjoy it. For those of you who may not feel you can handle walking the whole course while carrying/pulling your clubs, then you can always use a golf cart. Golf carts are especially popular with seniors who often end up purchasing their own cart. Purchasing your own cart gives you the option of adding accessories to fit your needs.

Golf Can be Seen as a Social Activity

Besides golf being a physical workout, it can also be seen as a social activity. Sure, you get to head out onto the course by yourself, or even go to the driving range solo, but it’s also a fabulous sport to play with family and friends. You can head out as a foursome and really make a whole day of it.

Golf Gives You the Ability to Enjoy the Outdoors

Another fabulous benefit that golf has going for it is the fact that you get to enjoy the outdoors while playing. Fresh air is good for everyone and can aid in your physical and mental well-being. Even if you’re just golfing once a week, that is one time each week you will be outdoors for hours at a time.

Explore the Golf Courses Across Country

Golfing can also act as that perfect theme for your next holiday. Rather than base your destination on a beach or the hotel itself, why not base it on the golf courses the destination has? There are also resorts with on-site golfing, making it convenient and completely stress free to hit the links while on vacation. As of 2021, the US has more than 9,600 golf courses, which means you have no shortage of options. You can even take this to the next level and start exploring courses around the world, as there are plenty of countries and destinations that bill golfing as one of the top attractions.

So, if you’ve been putting off giving golf a try and weren’t really sure if it was for you, it’s time to jump right in and give it a go. You may just find that it becomes your new favorite sport and hobby.

Five Of The Best YouTube Channels For New Guitarists

As recently as ten years ago, a new guitarist would find themselves staring at a page of notation trying to learn how to play the guitar, or paying out hundreds of dollars a month for guitar lessons.

Luckily for today’s beginners, the internet has delivered a gigantic amount of free content to help them on their guitar journey, not only in guitar websites like KillerGuitarRigs, but in everyone’s favorite music school, YouTube.

Of course, with such a wealth of guitarists available on YouTube (numbering in the hundreds if not thousands), it can be hard to know which ones to pay attention to as a beginner.

We’re going to walk you through five of the best YouTubers for beginners, and by the end of this post, you should be on solid footing to find someone who matches your playing and learning style, so you can get on the road to being a guitar god.

Andy Guitar

Andy Crowley is a music teacher who has hundreds of lessons on his YouTube channel and a large library of lessons on his website. His channel has around two million subscribers and has had over two hundred million views.

One of the things I like about Andy’s channel is that he tries to connect his lessons together for beginners. Many YouTubers treat each video as a standalone entity, which can be a huge disadvantage to learners as it means there’s no clear path for what to learn.

Andy addresses this issue by having playlists that join videos together to give you a clear learning path.

Andy does that I like because he has regular challenges for his viewers, like a “play every day for ten days” challenge.

The benefit of this is it makes learners feel like they’re part of something fun instead of learning on their own, and it gives them a certain amount of accountability to propel their studies.

Overall, Andy Guitar is possibly the only channel you’ll need, but at the very least, it’s a great start.

Marty Music

Marty Schwartz has a long history as an online guitar teacher. A San Diego native, Marty reinvented himself as the internet’s busiest guitar teacher after losing his teaching job, first launching JamPlay and then his own Marty Music channel.

He now boasts almost three million subscribers and over four hundred million views. Along the way, he’s shared stages with bands such as Blues Traveller and Slightly Stoopid, and has been called in to teach guitar to some of the biggest names in entertainment, such as Jason Stratham.

The thing I like about Marty’s Channel is that, along with lessons, he acts like something of a guitar magazine. He teaches concepts and techniques, but he also has a ton of videos on how to play certain songs, as well as videos where he does things like visit the Gibson factory.

If you want to mix learning with entertainment, Marty is your guy.


Being one of the biggest guitar companies in the world, Fender, of course, has a viral YouTube channel with over a million subscribers.

However, in the last year, Fender has started to reinvent itself on YouTube with a huge amount of educational content to complement their more advertising-oriented content.

The main reason for Fender to do this is to get people to sign up for Fender Play, which is their wildly popular online lesson service.

However, the lessons they have uploaded to YouTube are incredibly talented music teachers, including some well-known names and a ton of Berkeley graduates.

While they don’t have the breadth of lessons that some of the other channels on our list, they do have some of the best lessons on their cover topics.

Justin Guitar

Justin Sandercoe is one of the best-loved guitarists on YouTube due to his relaxing, friendly approach to playing the guitar. In complementing his website, his channel guides new players from the very basics to some of the most challenging things you can do on the guitar.

Justin has about a 1.4million viewers on his channel, and an incredible two hundred and ten million views.

One of the great things about Justin’s channel is his lick library, a series of lessons that teach you various blues and jazz licks that you can incorporate into your playing.

As someone who’s played guitar for over 30 years, I even find myself picking up some new things every time I go there.

Highly recommended.

Jam Track Central

Jam track Central is maybe not quite as much for beginners as the others on our list, but one of the great things about it is that it provides a ton of great content for beginners who are maybe easing into intermediate playing.

In addition, they have a wide range of backing tracks for you to solo over – and this is key. One of the best ways for a guitarist to get comfortable with a new scale is to get a backing track in that key and then just practice the scale over and over – and Jam track Central is perfect for this.

Overall, JTC probably won’t teach you to play guitar the same way that the others on our list would, but if you work your way through the others, it will provide the next step in your journey as a guitarist – hence it’s inclusion at the end of our list.


There is no right or wrong way to learn the guitar, only how that works best for any given guitarist. Some people swear by books, some people like to sit with their favorite tab website, and some people like to watch someone on YouTube describe and then demonstrate something for them before they attempt it themselves.

One of the great parts of being a guitarist is that it is truly a lifetime of learning – and what works for you today might not be what works for you at your next stage.

In your lifetime as a guitarist, you’ll find yourself consulting any and all methods – and why not, if it works, it works.


How To Invest More Money Towards Your Hobby?

We all have our hobbies and the activities we enjoy. With work and responsibilities piling up, investing in our hobbies has never been so essential.

What comes into your mind when you think of the word ‘hobby’? Are you into any sports or are you more of the stay-cation type? Or are you a homebody who likes to watch Netflix and bake cookies?

Everybody certainly has different things they are passionate about doing. These hobbies make our lives exciting and give us a much-needed break from our hectic lives. That’s why we invest in hobbies by buying gear, going on trips, always practicing, and trying to get better at it. But some hobbies can get expensive and the last thing we want is being burdened by something we enjoy so much.

There are actually some tips and tricks to get around with saving money on any hobby gear, and we’ll list them down for you right here.

How Can You Save Money on Your Hobbies?

1. Do Your Research and Buy from Trusted Brands

Trusted brands are not necessarily the old and reputable brands with the most expensive items! Although these classic brands have earned their reputation, you can find newcomers in the market with good and durable materials that might be cheaper. Before buying anything, however, you might need to do some digging and find out the specific gear and materials you need.

For example, if you are into outdoor biking, check your local surplus stores if they have the parts you are looking for before ordering one from the high-end bike shop at the mall. And here is another tip – if seasoned bikers shop at those stores as well, then you can ask them how their shopping experience has been like and why they trust this particular store. It always helps to get a second opinion, especially from someone knowledgeable!

2. Invest in High-Quality Items

While high-quality items are more expensive, keep in mind that they will last you longer. So you are actually saving more money because you won’t have to repurchase that item anytime soon. Let’s say you are buying hiking boots – the smarter option is to buy a durable pair that will give you comfort and protection for the next few years at least.

This is far better than buying a cheap pair that will tear out after three climbs! It will even guarantee you a safe hiking experience, preventing you from getting into accidents and injuries.

3. Be on the Lookout for Discounts, Sales, and Coupon Codes

Lastly – use brand discounts to your advantage! Stores often have sales at the end of every season so why not do your shopping then?

Other than sales, there are coupon codes and promos throughout the year. Carolina boot coupons, let’s say, always come in handy because you will save a lot of dollars by simply entering a promo code before checking out from their website.

You may be wondering why brands use lots of promo codes and give discounts to new and returning customers. Well, it’s actually a win-win situation because the brands are promised a sale and customers get what they want for a cheaper price. So don’t hesitate about looking for some coupon codes before buying your hobby gear!